GInerator: A Novel Technology for mAb Generation

A New Platform to Generate Diversified Mouse Monoclonal Antibodies with High Success Rate Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) with high specificity and affinity have gained great interest in quantitative proteomics, clinical diagnosis, and for developing therapeutics. Conventional peptide/protein‐based approach has proven to be time consuming, costly, and with low success rate, making it unlikely to meet the demand on the scale now needed by the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Cambridge Biologic’s GInerator genetic immunization platform combines the advantages of DNA immunization with heterologous prime‐boost approach, resulting in unparalleled power in the process of generating mAbs.

In support of our GInerator platform, we also have developed comprehensive protein production capacity. Our multi‐level expression systems such as mammalian cells (HEK293, CHO, NS1, Y2B, etc), insect cells (baculovirus), yeast, E.coli, offer cost effective and need‐ based approaches of producing biologically active recombinant proteins.

In addition to our technological strength, we have built and integrated all components essential for an effective CRO:

All contract work will be conducted in our state of art research, GLP, or GMP grade facility, respectively. These facilities also meet international certification standard ISO13985;

Each project will be assigned to a dedicated Project Manager with extensive experiences, ensuring team dynamic, project timeline, and communication with customers;

All laboratory work will be performed per SOP, with appropriate Quality Control/Assurance.

Adequate training & re‐training will be provided to staff, allowing them to maintain up‐to‐date skill sets that meet project needs.